About TechonomyAfrica

TechonomyAfrica serves as an edtech platform and information highway for African millenials and Genz. Simply put, we are the coindesk of Africa with a fusion of education technology .


We hope to empower the next generation of African leaders with the skillset to build sustainable wealth calibrated for the new age by combining blockchain ledgers and tokenization for our online education platform and incentivize learning by offering tokenized scholarships on successful course completion or for reaching certain achievements.

Our Reach

Since we started in 2020 we have grown 120% month on with 8000 users in 2020, that number currently stands at 17,000 today.


We plan to reach 500,000 youth in Nigeria and 20+ Countries by 2022  and 5x that number by 2023 and 2024 going by the course uptake

What we provide

  • E-learning
  • Market Data
  • Crypto Journalism